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Guidelines for Professional Development Funds 

All professional development requests must be submitted using the request form above.  All requests will automatically be sent to your administrator. Upon administrator approval, the request will then be sent to the PDC Committee for consideration. All applicants will be emailed by the committee chair following the committee meeting for requests.

If approved, it is the responsibility of the teacher to fill out a PD Purchase Order and submitting it to their building secretary. The PD Purchase Order is located above. Teachers are responsible for making all lodging reservations and must fill out a separate District Purchase Order for this request.

Approval to attend a conference must be obtained before registering for an event or submitting a purchase order for an event. If you attend an event without prior approval from the committee, you will be unable to obtain funding for the event. The PDC Committee will not reimburse for unapproved events.

After attending an event, teachers must submit an online evaluation and verification of attendance within 30 days.  Failure to do so will freeze any further requests until the issue is resolved. Evaluation forms are located on the Professional Development website under the PD Evaluation Form tab.

After a teacher has taken part in an event, they may be asked to share information with their colleagues through written communication and/or faculty presentation upon request of an administrator or the Professional Development Committee.

Please Note: